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You don’t have to tap Renato…

January 28, 2016
BJJ, Kelpokehon Blog

I know, I know, what am I talking about? While it can be read on many BJJ websites/blogs/pages/ads/flyers/memes that tapping is the way to go and on average a black belt has tapped 10,000 times (really? is that all it takes?) and that’s the way to learn and just tap! and just tap again! Let […]

10 reasons why you should never let your kids practise BJJ…

July 14, 2015
BJJ, Kelpokehon Blog

With the rise of Mixed Martial Arts through organisations like the UFC, Bellator, Pride (now defunct) or Invcita FC over the last decade, Brazilian Jiujitsu, often referred to as BJJ or Jiujitsu or GJJ (Gracie Jiujitsu, name of the founders of the art) has become a mainstream sport, raising questions in the martial art community and […]